The product

MIVOQ provides software and services to allow anyone to create personalized synthetic voices. In order to obtain a personalized synthetic voice, the user should simply read and record a few sentences and submit them to the MIVOQ servers, which will create a model, in digital format, of the voice of the author. The user may then share this digital voice with other users or just use it. The digital voice will be available for all the applications requiring the generation of speech, such as e-mail/sms readers, telephone services, e-book readers, GPS navigation systems, Web applications, VOIP, video games, home automation, and others. MIVOQ services can effectively be integrated with Web 2.0 services (blogs, social networks, instant messaging) and by the last generation of advanced electronic devices, giving an added revolutionary value. An example could be the possibility to listen to messages of a chat conversation with the voice of the authors themselves, or automatically create an audio podcast starting from the content text of a blog.

The company

Established in 2013, MIVOQ S.r.L. is a brand new company operating in the field of speech technologies. The team members of this young company combine years of experience in the research field of speech technologies, proposing their use with the latest Information Communication Technologies and realising the company core business: the personalisation of speech synthesis (custom TTS).

MIVOQ's business customers span a variety of industries, including accessibility, public announcements/transportation, telecommunications, e-learning and more. MIVOQ has a strong commitment to personalization and works closely with companies in order to provide best suited solutions.

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