Mivoq won Natiper

Mivoq has developed a TTS technology that allows everybody to create their own digital voice. This technology allows people that are losing their voice to save it for later and help them to keep part of their identity. Thanks to our supporters, our project won the first prize of #NatiPer

What is a digital voice?

Professional TTS For business

Mivoq provides synthetic voices and custom Text-To-Speech (TTS) technologies for any business. The portfolio is expanding and consists of two high-quality Italian voices (male and female). Mivoq offers the creation of custom high-quality voices. Contact us to know more about it!

TTS for developers For developers
The Text-To-Speech (TTS) technologies market is dominated by synthetic voices with good timbre quality (audio quality), but flat prosody (utterance intonation) with little flexibility. Our technology allows developers to obtain complete control over prosody and to use several effects to adapt voice timbre. Moreover developers will be able to create services talking with the voice of their users and the voice of their users' friends. Contact us to know more about it!
TTS for users Digital voices for everyone

Digitalise your own voice with MIVOQ: by reading a list of sentences, you will obtain your own digital voice. You will be able to share it with other users. You will be able to use your digital voice and the ones of your friends in every application that will use our technology to produce vocal messages, such as e-mail/sms readers, telephone services, e-book readers, GPS navigation systems, Web applications, VOIP, video games, home automation... Sign-up and create your voice!

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